Reynaers SlimLine 38

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Meet the creative power of natural light: SlimLine 38

SlimLine 38

The Reynaers SlimLine 38 system stands out with its ultra thin profiles, giving modern architecture a steel look. The system is provided in Classic, Cubic and Ferro design options, and thanks to its thin lines, it increases the natural light flow in new buildings. It is also preferred in projects where old buildings need to be restructured or steel frames renewed while preserving the historical texture. The minimalist and industrial appeal of the system is revealed by the impressive appearance of its thin profiles.

SlimLine 38 is a system that combines elegance and comfort with its unique design, and has a high degree of insulation on windows and doors opening inside and outside. This special slim steel look is the perfect solution for modern architecture and refurbishing steel framed windows. It provides a thermally improved solution while preserving the original design.

The SL 38 system is provided in 3 different minimal design options, Classic, Ferro and Cubic, to perfectly match the architectural features of the buildings. Windows and doors can be equipped with double and triple glazing while maintaining their ultra thin appearance.

Combined with its superior insulating properties, the system is a perfect adapts between durable material, clean design and tough architectural challenges.

Reynaers SlimLine 38 Window

The SlimLine 38 Window system provides a wide solution for all types of inward and outward opening windows. Thanks to its functional design, it conforms to all architectural styles. The Concealed Grille style is achieved by covering the grilles with outer frames and transoms, allowing window elements to be hidden behind the window sill.

Reynaers SlimLine 38 Door

Standard recessed door variations in SlimLine 38 Door systems will be able to meet any locking request. Specially designed isolation strips are used to ensure door sealing. Reynaers SlimLine 38 Door systems are provided with different threshold solutions that will perfectly satisfy your comfort and aesthetic requirements.

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Reynaers SlimLine 38 Pdf

You can access Reynaers SlimLine 38 system pdf document and all technical details related to other products by clicking the link below.

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